Since a little  girl, Yana was always in love with someone or something and she transformed it on to a canvas. Growing up as child in Communist Czechoslovakia was very safe and pleasant until she become a young adult and  realized the hardship of the  Country and its  people.

“That time I painted with oils and my fingernails were always dirty, I rather bought the ice cream than the turpentine.  People had me  often mistaken for a field worker”. She said.

She graduated from the Nursing School which was a strong and unconditional wish of her Mother and she  was thrown in to a reality. But working as registered nurse  didn’t discouraged   her from being creative.  Yana enrolled herself  in to an art school. Painting, creating and writing poetry occupied all her free time.   Later worked at her town TV station where others noticed her talent and  ability to see through an esthetic eye.  1980 her poetry was published in “Nove Slovo” (local magazine) and the same year she had her first art show, organized by City hospital and the faculty of Medicine.

Late august of  1987  she  become a refugee of a communist regime and arrived to Ottawa, Ontario in 1989.

She loves positive people and her projects are always based on that. Yana follows the Artpositivism society, where her idol is E.R.Tagle, Filipino artist.  She works on children’s book  illustrations and having  art showings in Ottawa area  frequently.